1 x / 5 x / 20 x Magnification: 5 x magnifying mirror in batch is most comfortable in daily make-up; The top 20x mirror is the most powerful addition to precise makeup applications, such as gloss, blackhead / stain removal, etc. The 1X mirror (regular mirror) at the bottom is to show your whole face and make-up.

Ompact design and easy to carry: easy to fold, easy to use as a compact mirror, easy to carry in any small bag in handbag, purse or cosmetic case. It can be opened to be used as a handheld mirror or a table mirror. (Note: This type of mirror is attached to the bracket, so it is slightly heavier).

USB rechargeable and long lasting stability: 2 hours (approximately 15 days) within 1.5 hours of charging to provide light (depending on how often you use it). Standard USB charging port with built-in 300mAh lithium battery. The mirror is easy to charge via USB cable adapter, power bank or PC.




Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror 20x | Travel Makeup Mirror with Lights

Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror 20x is a great combination of makeup and light fill. Its compact and delicate shape is also handheld, easy to carry and carry a bag. This fashionable triple fold mirror offers completely different angle ideas for your flawless makeup.

There is no need to deal with dirt bones and find an outlet. The rotating arm combines compact and clean. It is ideal for home and travel.

This Magnifying Makeup Mirror With full functions, such as recycled charging power, Numerous increments, rotating angles, long time brightness, Dimmable light intensity, adjusted This triangular cosmetic LED mirror becomes the perfect choice for both makeup and light filling.

This premium Travel Makeup Mirror with Lights makes it a thoughtful and practical gift for any woman, girlfriend, wife, daughter or sister who cares about looking good at home or on the go. Travel Makeup Mirror with Daylight LEDs mimic natural sunlight, giving you details of colorful life optimization.

Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror 20x | Travel Makeup Mirror with Lights

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