• Rotating fans with strong clamps – Extremely strong clamps can have a grip of more than 2 inches thin. He is also a good fan of the chair. It fits most of the chair inside the clip and fits anti-slip rubber which makes the fixing more reliable. 360 ° rotation design maximizes air flow coverage. High stability rotating structure will not move or loosen after adjusting.
  • Say goodbye to late charging with Opolar QC technology — Enabled with 5V-2A quick charge feature, the fan takes only 4 hours to fully charge with the 5V-2A adapter. The Smart Little Fan is designed for insulation-covered shockproof, which makes it a safe and user-friendly product.
  • There is no better kit for camping — a 4000 speed 5000 mAh battery helps the fan to run for 5 to 35 hours. Carry an external battery with you when camping at night, and you can run it non-stop overnight.
  • Quiet operation and light function – Improved brush motor produces extremely low noise (approximately 39 dB) and strong winds. Four built-in lights, two bright modes, give you a relaxing experience while camping.


Emergency Charging Fan Rechargeable with Light | Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan

This Emergency Charging Fan Rechargeable designed with light for outdoor camping. It brings a lot of fun and relaxing atmosphere with special lighting function. With the help of hanging and back-fixing you can place fans wherever you want. Desk fans have 5-55 hours working time which can be a good companion in your camping trip.There are two fixing holes on the back that allow you to fix the fan on other objects such as wooden walls.Powerful clip accessories with non-slip rubber helps strengthen the fans. Such as strollers, tree branches, camps, tent stands.

This Fan is a Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan with this fan Two wall mount holes allow you to fix the wall firmly. Pull the metal hook out, you can hang the fan on tree branches, tents or inside the car. The weight of the fan itself can avoid slipping while hanging. Camp needs to be met.This Emergency Charging Fan fan not only provides air but also gives you light. It is fully equipped with a beautiful light so that it can be used as needed.

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