• 1,400 bill / min, reliable and efficient mini counter machine counts mixed difference
    Cash counter, top loading hopper has 400 bills. Power consumption – <80 watts
  • Operating methods: counting, joining and batch methods; Include + batch format with count, plus aggregate value combination
  • Currency counter verifies bills using ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit identification
    A great choice for any type of business, as well as for learning users, who want more explosives for their cash box machines.
  • Important: Before using, use the icon section about the user manual as well as the instructional video, which is very important.
  • 1 year warranty included


Cash Counting Machine with Denomination | cassida 6600 money counter 

Cash Counting Machine With Value What you do in hours, this machine can do in seconds Our products support our local team jobs in San Diego by purchasing our machines. Our products were here to help you during the SARS outbreak, the 2009 swine flu outbreak, and will be your backbone during Cove 19 and any future epidemic.Our team is proud to be working hard to keep Cassidy machines at your service during these difficult times.As our customers and helpers during the CoVID-19 epidemic.

we provide free maintenance care when you purchase your Cassidy machine. Mention quad repair when you call or submit a ticket.Rapidly improve the productivity of your business while maintaining the right amount of cash.The 6600 not only speeds up to 13 times the bill count but also eliminates all doubts about the total count.Cassada’s ValueCount feature allows you to calculate the total dollar value in addition to the number of 6600 bills. Select only one difference by counting and 6600 will handle the rest.

A feature packed with high-speed currency counters, the Cassida 6600 is a professional money counter machine designed to handle a variety of different jobs. Fast, accurate, and equipped with many smart features, it is reliable to perform everywhere. Cassida specializes in Business Grade Cash Counting Machine, and as a 6600 Currency Counting Machine, there are no exceptions that allow you to rely on all of your professional money handling needs. Features: * Price calculation – calculates the value of a dollar worth, selected by the user.

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