• Constructed with high quality corrosion resistant 316-grade stainless steel
  • User-friendly touch screen interface for setting temperature and timer. The bright LED display makes it easy to read and keep your food away
  • Easy Timer Function – Electronic Alert Head, lets you know when your cooking will end
  • My Sauce Weight Presence Cooker brings good vide videos to your kitchen, so you can taste high quality restaurant food from the comfort of your own home.
  • Heats and circulates the water to a precise temperature (within 0.1 degrees) to ensure perfectly and evenly cooked food at all times.
  • My Sauce Video works on your time. Prepare fast food for an hour or four days in slow cooking pots.


Best My sous vide my-101 immersion cooker white 2020

Download My Sue Video My 101 Immersion Cooker White 2020
According to My Sauce, My-101 Immersion Cooker makes the exact Immersion Cooker restaurant-style food clean from home. Make Cooking Easier – With My Sauce Widow you only need three simple steps: Fill my Saucewood with water in any 10 inch container, put your food in a sable bag, and your cooking status Dial the heat. Press start and my burning video will heat the water in your dish and bring it to perfect temperature. Enjoy high quality restaurant food at home and never worry about cooking your food to the fullest!

From the manufacturer:

My Sauceweed slowly raises the temperature of your food until it is fully cooked. The temperature never reaches the boiling point of 212 ° F (100 C).Place the food in a sealable bag and immerse in water. Place your bag on the edge of the container.Set the temperature by rotating the scroll wheel. Press play on the user-friendly touch screen.Your meal is ready to eat! Sear, grill, or braille for extra flavor and presentation.



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