• EASILY COMPRESS AND PACK IT AWAY IN YOUR CARRY-ON — The Alpaca pillow is extremely portable and can be packed away into its own attractively-designed travel bag. It weighs less than a pound and compresses to a very compact 7”x6”x6”, so you can easily stow it in your purse, backpack, or any other carry-on item.
  • STAY COOL WITH HIGH-QUALITY, BREATHABLE FABRIC — The Alpaca pillow feels great against your skin and will keep your face and neck cool on long flights. The outside cover is made of a velvety soft yet durable fabric that’s also machine washable.


Alpaca Memory Foam Travel Pillow

If You Looking For neck relaxing pillow Sometime Sitting too much or working on the computer etc.  Rotate the pillow to a position that makes you feel more comfortable sleeping up or straight. Use the Alpaca Memory Foam Travel Pillow with front drawstring to adjust for an even better fit. Airplanes are cramped, noisy places.

Rest assured that the loose feeling of the alpaca pillow turns into an ideal fit when you sit on the airline seat. And unlike other pillows, the Alpaca is designed to work with your favorite noise-canceling headphones. Result? Peace when it is most important.

Makes the neck very tired but in the present advanced age the solution of everything is easily available so you can easily buy Alpaca Memory Foam Travel Pillow it sitting at home. Whatever sleeping position is most natural for you, an Alpaca Memory Foam Travel Pillow will help your head and neck to move slowly over your head.

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