How Do I Choose A Base Cream And What Do I Do With It?

Learn Everything There Is To Know About Foundation Creams! Making Creams At Home Has Never Been Easier Or More Affordable Thanks To This Fantastic Ingredient. We’ll Go Over The Various Types, What They’re Used For, And What Kind Of Skin They’re Recommended For. With Each Of Them, You’ll Be Able To See Step-By-Step Instructions For Making The Dish.

Base Creams Are What They Sound Like.

It Is A Basic Emulsion That Is Ready For Active Ingredients To Be Added, And The Aroma And Colour Can Be Tailored To Suit Individual Preferences. In Other Words, A Neutral Formulation To Which A Number Of Ingredients Must Be Appropriately Added To Complete Its Manufacture And Achieve That It Has Properties For Our Skin’s Care.

What Is The Application Method For Foundation Creams?

In Fact, You Can Make A Cream Using These Ingredients In Just Three Steps And A Few Minutes. To Use A Base Cream, You’ll Need To Do The Following Things.

Weigh The Ingredients To Ensure That The Recipe’s Specified Quantities And Ratios Are Followed Exactly. As A Result, The First Step In Any Process Is To Weigh The Options. To Weigh The Chosen Base Cream, Place It In A Sterilised Container That Has Been Cleaned And Disinfected.

Add To And Customise: In The Amounts Specified, Add Cosmetic Active Ingredients To The Base Cream To Make It Your Own. Some Aromatic Essence And Food Colouring Can Also Be Added For Colour And Fragrance.

Once All The Ingredients Have Been Incorporated Into The Base Cream, Give It A Final Stir For A Few Minutes To Ensure That They Are Fully Incorporated. It’s Just A Matter Of Packing Everything Up And Running One Last Test On The Ph.

What Are The Different Types Of Foundation Creams And How Do I Know Which One To Go With?

Based On Your Skin Type And The Cosmetic You Want To Make, You Can Choose From A Variety Of Base Creams For Facial And Body Products. Likewise, Formulating A Facial Cream For Dry Skin Versus Oily Skin Is Not The Same, Which Is Why Consideration Of This Factor Is Critical.

Cream Of Gran Velada

Ideal For All Skin Types, It Has A Silky And Velvety Texture And Is Light And Fluid In Consistency. Sunflower Vegetable Oil, One Of Its Main Ingredients, Makes It Easy To Absorb By The Skin And High In Vitamin E. Make Facial And Body Products With The Extra 3% Of Assets You Get.

Here’s A Simple Recipe For A Day Moisturiser For Normal Skin That You Can Put Into Action Right Away. These Are The Ingredients You’ll Need To Make It Work:

The Base Cream Of The Gran Velada (97 G)

A Protein Found In Connective Tissue (2 G)

Oat Bran Is An All-Natural Supplement (1 G)

Shariss (0.5g)

The Essence Of A Flower Niva

Remember That The Preparation Is Very Simple, As You Only Need To Weigh The Ingredients Separately; Add Collagen And Oat Extract; Incorporate Preservative Sharomix And Personalise With A Few Drops Of Aromatic Essence.. After A Few Minutes Of Mixing, You’re Ready To Pack And Use The Mixture.

Base Cream With Moisturising Properties.

This Silicone-Free Emulsion Without Parabens Or Mineral Oils Is Recommended For Normal To Combination Skin. It’s A Light, Fluid, And Creamy Base Cream With A Higher Concentration Of Water Than Oil. It’s Easy To Apply And Quickly Takes Effect. This Base Accepts Up To 6% Of Assets And Will Be Used To Create Cosmetics For The Body And Face.

Here’s A Quick Recipe For A Combination Skin Cream You Can Whip Up In Under Twenty Minutes. Make A Mental Note Of What’s In There!

Base Cream With Moisturising Properties (93 G)

Oil Extracted From The Jojoba Plant (2 G)

Glycerin Gel Of Aloe (2 G)

Extract Of Cucumber (2 G)

Cucumber And Aloe Vera Flower Essence Scented Oil Sharomix (0.5g)

A Good Source Of Vitamin E (0.5 G)

The Steps Are Familiar To You Because They Appear In All Preparations. So Go Ahead And Put Them Into Action And See For Yourself How Simple It Is.

Cremigel As A Starting Point

It Has A Texture That’s Somewhere In Between A Cream And A Gel, And It’s Super Fluid, Soft, And Refreshing. It Has A Hydrating Effect And Absorbs Quickly Into The Skin. Because It Has A Higher Water Content Than Oil, It’s Perfect For Blending Into Creams For People With Combination Or Oily Skin. In Formulating Both Face And Body Care Products, It Supports Up To 8% Active Ingredients.

Play The Video To See How To Create An Eye Contour Using Cremigel As A Base. Furthermore, You Can Create A Wide Range Of Facial Cosmetics Like Serums, Masks, And Scrubs Using The Base Cream… One Of The Benefits Is That The Same Base Can Be Used For A Variety Of Preparations, Which Explains Why You’re So Successful.

Base Of Gelicrem

Because It Hydrates Without Greasiness, It’s Perfect For Oily Skin Cosmetics. Because Of Its Quick Absorption And Ultra-Light And Fluid Texture, It’s A Standout. Between 5 And 8 Percent Of The Active Ingredients Can Be Accommodated In This Base, Which Is Best Suited To Water-Soluble Ingredients For Better Emulsion Integration.

Do You Want To Give It A Go? Now That You’ve Read This Recipe, Put It To Use. These Are The Ingredients You’ll Need:

Gelicrem As A Foundation (92 G)

Calendula Extract In A Water-Based Solution (3 G)

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) Is A Powerful Antioxidant (3 G)

Bisabolol Is The Active Ingredient (1 G)

Shariss (1g)

A Base Gel Based On Carbopol

Carbopol Base Gel Is Ideal For People With Oily Skin Because It’s Oil-Free, Gel-Like, And Transparent. You’ll Be Able To Keep It Hydrated Without Any Additional Grease. Because It’s So Lightweight And Sheer, This Foundation Goes On Like A Dream. To Make Facial And Body Care Products, The Base Is Combined With Up To 10% Of Your Assets.

If You’re Looking For A Cream For Oily Skin That Hydrates While Also Controlling Excessive Sebum, Try The Recipe Below. Get To Work And Make A List Of The Ingredients You Need.

A Base Gel Based On Carbopol (90 G)

Nettiferous Herb Extract (4 G)

A Protein Found In Connective Tissue (3 G)

Glycerin Gel Of Aloe (2 G)

Essential Oil Of Litsea Cubeba (0.5 G)

Shariss (0.5g)

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