Using clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, make-up, hairstyle, and body posture as a means of self-expression and autonomy during a specific time and place. Fashion-forward is a term used to describe a style that is currently popular. In the fashion system, everything that is deemed fashionable is readily available and widely popularised (industry and media).

Sustainability has emerged as a major concern for politicians, brands, and consumers alike as a result of lower-cost mass production of commodities and clothing on a global scale.

When clothing designs move quickly from the catwalk to the store to capitalise on current trends, the term “fast fashion” is used. Often, the designs are inspired  Fast fashion enables the general public to afford the latest trends at a low cost.

Cheaper, faster manufacturing and shipping methods made fast fashion more popular, as did consumers’ desire for the latest styles and their increased purchasing power—especially among young people—to satisfy these instant-gratification desires. Fast fashion has since become the norm because of these factors. Due to all of this, fast fashion poses a threat to long-standing clothing label traditions of introducing new collections and lines on a regular, seasonally-aligned schedule. Fast-fashion retailers are known to launch new items several times in a single week in order to remain relevant.

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